Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsoring The MFG Meeting places your brand front and center across the months-long promotional campaign for the meeting. Your Sponsorship provides your company a dynamic opportunity for networking – informally and repeatedly – over the course of the meeting.

Your Sponsorship integrates your message onto the website, mobile app, ads and email campaigns that precede the meeting, recognize your brand onsite and take advantage of advertising co-ops with the most widely-read media brands in our industry.

Because The MFG Meeting takes place in a contained area over several days, your opportunity for repeat impressions as a Meeting Sponsor – to the right people – is enormous, and your cost per qualified lead is a highly-efficient use of your marketing dollars.

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Through the varied list of products and events available, the Sponsorship Program offers your company the option of tailoring your message to the entire visitor base or to a particular segment of the audience, and includes a range of price points.

The list of products includes: 

Do you have an idea for something not on the list? Let’s create it!

Let’s talk about your specific objectives and how the MFG sponsorship program can work for you. Contact Bill Herman :
Phone: 703-827-5282 | email: bherman@AMTonline.org