Speaker: Drura Parrish

Date: Friday, March 24
Time: 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

Growth of a Manufacturing Start-Up

Drura will discuss the future of manufacturing and share how his company MakeTime has transformed from a contract manufacturer to a tech and data operation. Drura will address how technologies are poised to change manufacturing and explain:

  • Why U.S. manufacturing is ripe for disruption
  • Why disruption is a good thing
  • How new technologies like data and deep learning can bring exponential efficiencies without any new investment of capital


Speaker Bio:

Drura Parrish, Vice President - Smartforce Development, AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology

Drura Parrish
Founder and CEO, MakeTime

A third generation Kentucky manufacturer, Drura Parrish is a successful entrepreneur and thought leader in digital fabrication, design and object-based economics. In 2014, Drura founded MakeTime as a two-sided online marketplace matching suppliers with excess capacity to manufacturers in need of parts. Under his direction MakeTime has evolved into a tech and data business dedicated to streamlining CNC machining production with proprietary technology that automates the procurement process, puts the supply chain online and eliminates the RFQ.