Speaker: Nathan Byman

Date: Saturday, March 25
Time: 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

From Concept to Connected and Competitive

Nathan will discuss his trials, wins, losses, and lessons learned from his experience starting Wolfram Manufacturing. He will share his vision for Wolfram, which includes testing the limits of connected manufacturing systems, personnel development, and the application of production technology to small/mid-scale manufacturing for the purpose of making a lean, scalable, globally competitive manufacturing company. Nathan will offer insight into why Industry 4.0 should be seen as a strength rather than a threat, how to develop next-generation manufacturing teams and how to bring production technology to small-scale manufacturing.

Speaker Bio:

Nathan Byman - President, Wolfram Manufacturing

Nathan Byman
President, Wolfram Manufacturing

Six years ago Nathan founded Wolfram Manufacturing, a CNC Machine Shop that maximizes both the modern workforce and modern equipment to support manufacturing in the United States. Today Wolfram is recognized by customers, publications and NTMA for their novel approaches to solving issues that all shops face. Nathan has an engineering and business background with work experience in aerospace, military automotive, and oil & gas. Nathan led the technology and operational excellence programs at two large contract manufacturing firms working with nearly a dozen facilities around the world and supported projects with some of the largest names in industry.